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Run the Hawk Trail Runs

3 Hour, 6 Hour & 12 Hour Endurance Challenge
The Trail Mix Fun Run

Saturday, August 24th, 2024

Middleton, WI

Run the Hawk Trail Runs

The Endurance Challenge

The goal of the 3, 6 and 12 hour challenge (individual and team relay) is to complete as many laps around the 2.15 mile course as possible in the designated time. We have a variety of features along the course, including a ski hill, majestic 70 foot pines, and a nice flat, creek side path with amazing views. We would be amiss if we didn't mention you will run along some of the nicest bike trails in the area and under the iconic 60 meter ski jump. There is also a natural spring pool with a rope swing at the bottom of the switchbacks that you can jump in if you need to cool off.


Team Relay

Team relay options are also available for the 3, 6 and 12 hour challenges with teams of 2-4 people. Set up basecamp and enjoy the day running and bonding with friends. You decide the rotation, frequency and number of people. The only rule is every member must run at least one lap. 

Trail Mix Fun Run

New to trail running or not quite ready for a multi-hour trail run? Then The Trail Mix Fun Run is for you. The 1.5 mile course hits all the highlights of the ski hill but with only one of the hill climbs. This event is all about getting back to the roots of trail running and just being with people and enjoy playing in the dirt.

Date & Time

Date: Aug 24th, 2024

Race Start: 8:00am

Fun Run: 8:15am


Address: Blackhawk Ski Club 

                 West Chalet

                10222 Blackhawk Road

                Middleton, WI 53562


  • Participants complete as many full loops as they can in designated time.

  • Must cross the start line for a full loop to count.

  • Participants can drop at any point and score will be based on total loops completed.

  • Participants must notify the checkpoint tent when they drop.

  • Participants must start the final loop at least 15 minutes before their cut off time. Example: 3 hour must start the last loop by 10:45am but must also be back to the start by the 3 hour mark for that loop to count towards their score.

  • Placing will be based off of number of laps completed. If multiple participants complete the same number of laps, we will then base placing off of fastest clock time on the final lap. 

  • No pacers, crewing, or providing aid on course. This will result in a DQ. All aid must be carried with the participant.

  • If the course is not followed and is to the advantage of the participant, this will result in a void lap and a DQ if there are multiple occurrences. 

Team rules-are the same as above plus as follows

  • Every member of a team must run a minimum of 1 lap. The order, frequency, quantity is up to you. 

  • Exchanges MUST take place in the checkpoint area (team tents are not the checkpoint area). We need to record both team members and witness the exchange. Announce your team and that you are making an exchange within the checkpoint area to assure your exchange is recorded. 

  • There is one team winner for each time allotment regardless of team size and gender category. 

Aid Station

  • There will be one aid station at the checkpoint area of each loop consisting of sweet and salty items, fruit and plenty of hydration.

  • This is a CUPLESS event so please have your own hydration vessel.

  • There will be a drop bag tent within the checkpoint area.

  • There will be restrooms available at the start/checkpoint area as well as 2 out on course.

  • Ski Patrol for Blackhawk will be providing medical support if needed. 


Crew, Team and Individual Tents

  • There will be a designated spot for crew, team, and individual tents to set up in the checkpoint area.

  • You are reserving a 10'x10' plot of grass for you to set up how you see fit. 

  • Space is limited and you must choose the tent add-on option at registration if you would like to reserve a space. 
    ***Teams automatically reserve a spot with your team registration***

  • Pacers are not allowed on course and no support is allowed outside of the designated crewing area. 

Crew & Support


Elevation Graph

3/6/12 Hour Course

 The course is a  2.15 mile looped course with ~360 ft of total ascent per loop.  There is a nice 50/50 mix of grass paths and single tracks. There is one major climb with a 20% grade over 1/10 mile followed by downhill switchbacks and gradual climb up switchbacks.  You will run through 70ft pines,  on boardwalks,  under the iconic 60 meter jump and have tremendous views of the Driftless Area and Black Earth Creek Watershed all day long. A special bonus is a natural spring pool accompanied by a rope swing at the bottom of the switchbacks to cool you off in the August heat. 


Length:2.15 Mile Loops
Elevation Gain 360+ ft per loop
Terrain: 50/50 Grass paths and single-track 

Course Map: Here 


Trail Mix Fun Run Course

 1.5 mile course with a nice mix of grass paths and single tracks. You will run past an otter den, past the iconic 60 meter jump, along boardwalks and a creek side path. There is one gradual climb up switchbacks to finish off the run. This is a friendly course for the new or young trail runner. 


Length:1.5 Miles
Elevation Gain: 205 ft

Terrain: 50% Grass paths and 50% single-track 

Course Map: Here

Trail Mix Elevation Graph

Blackhawk Ski Club Youth Sports:

A portion of the proceeds and all donations will go directly to Blackhawk Ski Club, a *501(C)(3), to  help their mission of teaching young people life-long competitive and outdoor sports by continuing to expand resources and programs.

**Members of Blackhawk Ski Club receive special discounted member pricing. You should have received an email with your discount code sent to your membership email. Please reach out to if you did not receive an email**



Events like this cannot take place without the generous support of volunteers. If you or your group are interested in volunteering for this race, you can view the volunteer positions and details by clicking the below button.



Directions & Parking

There will be two parking locations for the event. Please follow volunteer direction when parking so we can maximize the space. 

West Entrance

  • The main parking will be located at the west entrance lot.

  • Packet pickup will be by the start at the Biathlon shed.

  • The start area will be a short distance down the hill. you will be able to see and hear the excitement, just follow the tow rope path downhill. 

East Entrance

  • There will be overflow parking located just through the gates of the east entrance.

  • Please use caution when exiting from this parking area as the course crosses the entrance along with a bike trail.​

  • Packet pickup will be at the west chalet

  • The start area will be a short distance down the hill. just follow the gravel road & signs downhill. 

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