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Saturday, May 17th, 2025

Arena, WI

Rumble on the Ridge

Did somebody say more Cowbell?? Rumble on the Ridge is a take on the traditional Backyard Ultra-Last Person Standing. The event takes place on an old family dairy farm just 40 minutes west of Madison, WI in the heart of the Driftless Area. Participants will compete on a 1"ish" mile looped course, dubbed "The Drifty Mile", completing a loop every 20 minutes. Sounds easy enough right?....


To  keep it interesting we change the route up every year and will not publish details until the day of the event. All we can tell you is it will be between 1-1.25 miles, there will be a minimum 250ft of elevation gain, and you will have 20 minutes per loop. The rest you will just have to show up to find out.  The race goes until only one person has successfully completed every loop in under 20 minutes. We do have one more catch..... the route reverses every 4 hours so you can never get too comfortable. 


Date & Time

Date: May 17th, 2025

Check In and Tent Setup: 6:15am-7:45am

Race Start: 8:00am

Race End: Last Runner Standing


Address: 5749 County Rd H, Arena, WI 53503


  • Participants have 20 minutes to complete a lap. Runners coming in after 20 minutes will be eliminated.

  • A new lap will start every 20 minutes with all participants starting each lap at the same time.

  • Participants must be in the starting corral at the start of the next loop when the cowbell rings. 

  • Countdown for the start of each lap

    • 3 minute warning-3 whistle blows and music starts playing

    • 2 minute warning-2 whistle blows

    • 1-minute warning-1 whistle blow

    • Start - Cowbell

  • The winner is declared when there is only 1 person left who has successfully completed all laps in under 20 minutes. A solo victory lap must be complete to earn the win.

  • If no participant successfully completes the final lap, there will be no winner for this year.

  • No runner may accept aid while on the course. Any aid must be carried on the person and can only be provided in the designated crew area.

  • Poles will be allowed the whole race

  • Numbered tag must be worn at all times.

  • All participants must have a running light starting at 8:40pm (lap 38)

The old barnyard will serve as basecamp for the weekend. This is where the start corral, crew tents, aid station, restrooms and spectator viewing will be located.

  • Crew tents are allowed  to be set up in a designated area near the start corral on a first come first serve basis.

  • There will be a large participant tent set up for drop bags, chairs and coolers if you do not have a crew tent.

  • There will be a aid station with fruit, sweet & salty snacks, carbs, hot food and hydration products-Skratch Labs, Gatorade, water, soda, Red bull and coffee.

  • Portable restrooms will  be available in this area.

Crew & Support


Rumble Elevation Chart

The Drifty Mile is a 1ish mile loop scaling ~250ft-300ft of elevation gain per loop. The course is a mix of gravel service road, single track dirt trails and prairie grass paths. We switch directions every 4 hours so you can never get too comfortable. We also change up the course every year to keep it fresh for everyone. The fun part, we dont publish course details until the morning of the race!! 

What we can tell you:

Length: 1 ish Mile Loop (1-1.25 miles)
Elevation Gain: 250-300
 ft per loop
Terrain: Mix of gravel access road, dirt single & double track and prairie path

2022 Course Details: 1.08 miles, 265 ft elevation, 30% gravel / 20% grass / 50% dirt 

2023 Course Details: 1.00 mile, 275 ft elevation, 40% gravel / 10% grass / 50% dirt 

2024 Course Details: 1.15 miles, 285 ft elevation, 29% gravel / 13% grass / 58% dirt 

What you get!

All participants will receive

  • A soft-blend event t-shirt

  • A DNF award

  • Fully stocked aid station

  • We will be be serving hot dinner from 5:00-6:00pm Saturday (all are welcome).

  • Breakfast for those who make it through the night from 7:00-8:00am

  • Plus some fun post run & spectator experiences

Rumble Shirt.png

The Driftless Trail

Driftless Endurance will donate $0.10 for every lap completed during the event to the planning and building of the Driftless Trail. The Driftless Area Land Conservancy (DALC) is leading this project to build the Driftless Trail which is a planned 50-mile loop that connects Tower Hill, Governor Dodge, and Blue Mounds State Parks. This is a foot-only trail, to be used for hiking, running, snowshoeing, or cross country skiing wandering through the woods, prairies, farms, bluffs and streams of Iowa County’s Driftless landscape. Participants have the option to add a donation to DALC during registration if they choose. 

More information on this project can be found on the DALC website

Camping and Lodging

Camping will be allowed on the farm on Saturday night ONLY!! This must be a tent or camper van as this is a private residence and there are no camper hookups or space for parking pull behinds or RVs. There are several camping and lodging spots within 20 minutes of the race venue for Friday night.


Events like this cannot take place without the generous support of volunteers. If you or a group you know are interested in volunteering in for this race, you can view the volunteer positions and details by clicking the button below. 






Retired numbers

  • #12 - Tori Lasater ('22) - 60 laps, 64.8 miles 15,000 ft of elevation

  • #20 - Alex Kraft ('23) - 64 laps, 64 miles, 17,600 ft of elevation

  • #49 - Jake Pidek ('24) - 53 laps, 60.95 miles, 15,105 ft of elevation

Directions & Parking

The farm is located off CTY Road H between Arena, WI and Barneveld WI. Below are the easiest routes. Cell service can be very spotty depending on which provider you have. 


  • From Hwy 14

    • Hwy 14 then south on CTY Road H just west of Arena. 

  •  East on Hwy 18/151

    • Exit on HHH in Ridgeway, head north on CTY Road H

  •  West on Hwy 18/151

    • Exit on CTY Road ID/T in Barneveld, CTY Road T northwest, North on CTY Road H​

Parking is limited. Please carpool if you have the option. There will be volunteers and signage directing you where to park.

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