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Explore the Driftless

Explore the Driftless areas south central Wisconsin with these epic running locations. Click on the location name below to learn morand view trail maps.

Dont forget to share you experiences! #rundriftless

Dane County Trails

With the Ice age trail running through the heart of Dane County and the Dane county Park systems being one of the best in the country, there is no shortage of trails to hit. Below are our top places to run in the Dane County Portion of the Driftless. 

Iowa County Trails

With three major state parks as anchors and the under construction 50 mile Driftless Trail, Iowa County boasts some of the best and most challenging trail running around. Below are our top places to run in the Iowa County portion of the Driftless. 

Sauk County Trails

With arguably the most popular state park and section of the IAT, Sauk County trails have a little for everyone. While the Classics are great, don't be afraid to venture out and try some of the hidden gems. Below are our top places to run in the Sauk County portion of the Driftless.

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