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The Birth of the Rumble

Origin Story of Rumble on the Ridge Last Person Standing

It’s only fitting that the first origin story we share is about our very first event…Rumble on the Ridge!

Rickey has a life goal to do at least a half marathon in every state. In the summer of 2021, we had plans to visit some dear friends in Tennessee, so the search for a race close by was on! He found a last person standing event, Mid-State Mile/Tennessee Mile, in Franklin, TN. The course was a 1.1 mile loop with 360ft of elevation gain per loop, so he planned to run 12 laps to get his half distance in and then we were to meet up with friends afterwards. Well, as you can imagine, Rickey got competitive with himself and got in a few more laps than 12!

Mid-State Mile 2021 @misty.dawns

To date this is still Rickeys favorite race he has participated in. A big part of that is the connection you get to make in a concept like this. Its like starting a new race every mile. You don't spread out from other participants like you do in traditional backyards or distance races and get to chat with people for hours. While we were there, we learned that the race directors, Becca and Jon, had started this race the year before on her parents property. We were inspired by the idea, the community that they had built, and wanted to bring that concept home to Wisconsin. A huge shout out to Becca, Jon, BMFJ Events and Mid-State Mile/Tennessee Mile for bringing this concept to life for us all to enjoy.

Mid-State Mile 2021 @misty.dawns

And May of 2022 Rumble on the Ridge was born on the family farm in Arena, WI. This was a true family effort getting year one off the ground. Countless hours were put in to clear the old trails, build our event and get the word out in just three short months (all while we welcomed little Sprout to our family in March).

Rumble on the Ridge 2022 @Dawn E Photography

We had 19 brave participants that gave us a shot in 2022, each of which hold a special place in our hearts! Those 19 people brought so much love, excitement, passion and determination to the event and they did not disappoint. We saw a first 100K, 2 first 50M and several first ultra distances accomplished. To top it all off was an epic battle deep into the morning hours between Alex and Torey.

We are so proud of what this event turned out to be and are incredibly excited to see what year two brings! The excitement around the event has been tremendous and we are expecting over 50 crazies to attend Rumble in 2023! We can’t wait to see who the last one standing will be!!!!

-Tree, Roots, Spout

@misty.dawns (Mid-State Mile pics)

@Dawn E Photography (Rumble pics)


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